A Little A1 Tire & Auto History from Our Owner, Gene Youngblood

The idea of owning and operating a tire and auto shop was conceived by my dad, Earl, and my uncle, Bud. So came, A-1 Tire. They teamed up and made it happen in 1987. Opening day was October of 1988. My dad asked me to join them prior to the construction, so I attended ASE school for my certification. As a local auto repair shop, word-of-mouth grew our business to a well-known and trusted company. I've since lost my dad and uncle to untimely deaths, so it's my goal to continue providing top-notch service and honest advice to my community.

Our Mission at A1 Tire & Auto

At A1 Tire & Auto, our mission is to provide quality service with work integrity in all that we do. We stand behind our work, and make it a priority to ensure your family’s safety and comfort.

A1 Tire & Auto Auto Repair Shop

More from Gene

“I've always been interested in how things worked. From a young age, I wanted to take stuff apart just to see what made it tick. My dad taught me everything I know—like driving, fishing, building and of course, repairing cars and trucks. I worked side by side at A-1 with my dad for 15 years before he retired. So a hobby of repairing cars turned into a great living. I’m proud to say people have now seen my face at A1 Tire & Auto for 30 years.”